Jackie Marshall-Cyrus

Jackie Marshall-Cyrus, FRSA

Independent Living Innovation Specialist





Jackie Marshall-Cyrus Ltd is a boutique consulting agency. I work with forward-thinking companies and organisations across a wide range of sectors committed to harnessing opportunities in the growing adult consumer market.

I specialise in Independent Living, Intermediate Care and Rehabilitation of Older Adults, and Disruptive Innovation Programme design and management.

I work across the following areas:

  • Independent Living/Assisted Living Innovation – design, development, and integration of independent living technologies, services and systems.
  • Health and Social Care Innovation – strategy, planning, and management of disruptive innovation programmes.
  • Business Innovation – strategic support, specialist insight for market success.
  • Inclusive Design Innovation – strategic support and specialist knowledge for mainstream and niche markets.

My remit is broad, multi-sectoral, and collaborative. I work across diverse sectors, organisations and bodies, with a focus on ageing and the older consumer. This includes:

Design – Helping clients develop and commercialise truly beautiful, innovative, cutting-edge products with exceptional value for adult consumers based on existing demographic, sociological, and economic trends in ageing.

Manufacturing – Providing expertise, insight, and identifying commercial opportunities for new applications and transfer of technology to health, social care, and mainstream adult consumer markets.

Advanced Materials – Providing insight, knowledge, and transferrable applications of new, existing and emerging technologies with commercial potential in health, social care, and age-related markets.

Transport – Assisting organisations with real world understanding of the needs and aspirations of adults, with or without health conditions and/or disabilities (physical and cognitive) for high impact change programmes.

Urban Planning- Supporting planners and developers with insight and clinical expertise in the design of innovative spaces, places, and infrastructure for adults and people of all ages and abilities.

AI – Robotics / Autonomous Systems – Working with researchers, engineers, designers, and developers to create and commercialise innovative systems and solutions for health, social care, wellness, and adult consumer markets.

Digital Health – Providing extensive hands-on real world, current experience, insight, knowledge and expertise to aid organisations and businesses developing, commercialising and integrating digital health services.

Space – Supporting organisations, researchers, engineers, and businesses to identify and develop transferrable technologies with innovative terrestrial healthcare, disability related (physical and/or cognitive), as well as mainstream wellness consumer applications.