RCA Innovation for Living Award

Creoto: A programmable smart socket
Malav Sanghavi – Innovation Design Engineering


Judge’s comment:
“This addresses a physical, emotional, psychological and clinical challenge using design...

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Posted on 28th June 2016

RCA Design Awards 2016

Helen Hamlyn Design Awards 2016


The Helen Hamlyn Design Awards, recognise outstanding graduate design projects that contribute to improving quality of life.

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Posted on 28th June 2016
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Ageing 2.0 at Lansons Healthcare, London

In less than three years, Ageing2.0 has become the main platform to discover and cultivate innovation focused on ageing and long term care.


In collaboration with KareInn, Lansons Health is proud...

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Posted on 14th June 2016
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Digital catapult ‘Tech beyond the screen: IOT, Technology and positive ageing’


We are all going to be affected by our society’s ageing demographic profile. People are living longer, often doing so whilst coping with multiple illnesses. In the words of InnovateUK’s...

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Posted on 9th June 2016
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Huffington Post ‘Weapons of Mass Construction’ by Ian Spero

Weapons of Mass Construction


The Biggest Challenge of the 21st Century
According to Jackie Marshall-Balloch, Lead Specialist at Innovate UK and the rabble-rousing instigator of the ‘Long Term...

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Posted on 20th May 2016
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DOGA Conference, Oslo, Norway

Innovation for all 2016: Jackie Marshall-Cyrus

Innovation for all 2016: Jackie Marshall-Cyrus from Norsk design og arkitektursenter


Innovation for all 2016: Panel discussion

Innovation for all...

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Posted on 12th May 2016
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DOGA Design for All conference 2016

Inclusive Design – a people centered strategy for innovation
A practical introduction to Inclusive Design for Businesses & Designers –
how to get started!


Jackie Marshall-Cyrus will focus on...

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Posted on 12th May 2016
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International Journal of Public Health ‘Innovate UK: The long term care revolution’ by Jackie Marshall-Cyrus

Innovate UK: the long-term care revolution


Jacqueline Marshall-Cyrus, Lead Specialist of the Independent Living Innovation Platform, Innovate UK outlines current initiatives for changing the...

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Posted on 5th March 2016