Huffington Post ‘Weapons of Mass Construction’ by Ian Spero

Weapons of Mass Construction


The Biggest Challenge of the 21st Century
According to Jackie Marshall-Balloch, Lead Specialist at Innovate UK and the rabble-rousing instigator of the ‘Long Term...

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Posted on 20th May 2016
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International Journal of Public Health ‘Innovate UK: The long term care revolution’ by Jackie Marshall-Cyrus

Innovate UK: the long-term care revolution


Jacqueline Marshall-Cyrus, Lead Specialist of the Independent Living Innovation Platform, Innovate UK outlines current initiatives for changing the...

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Posted on 5th March 2016

Huffington Post ‘Join a revolution in Long Term Care worth £5m for SMEs’

Join a Revolution in Long-Term Care Worth £5 Million for SMEs


According to Jackie Marshall-Balloch, Lead Specialist at Innovate UK and rabble-rousing instigator of the ‘Long Term Care...

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Posted on 19th January 2015
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Creative Skills for Life ‘Palliative care, therapies and new health technologies’ by Ian Spero

In the news December 2014 – Palliative care, creative therapies and new health technology


Jackie Marshall-Balloch, Lead Specialist at Innovate UK says: “By converting high growth potential...

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Posted on 12th December 2014

Huffington Post ‘Power to the People: Long Term Care Revolution’ written by Ian Spero

Power to the People: A Long Term Care Revolution


Easier said than done of course, but this revolution is the brainchild of Jackie Marshall-Balloch, the crusading Lead Specialist for the TSB’s...

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Posted on 6th May 2014
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Huffington Post ‘The Best is Yet to Come’ by Ian Spero

The Best Is Yet to Come


Jackie Marshall-Cyrus, Lead Specialist on the TSB Assisted Living Innovation Platform, dreamed up our Sandpit, the first of a series of initiatives boldly flying TSB’s...

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Posted on 23rd January 2014

HSJ (March 2013) ‘Thinking innovatively about long term care’ by Jackie Marshall-Cyrus

Thinking innovatively about long-term care


‘Belief in the UK as a nation with a deep concern for the well-being of its population is challenged by many stories’


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Posted on 1st March 2013